Friday, November 9, 2012

I Love this Sequins Skirt - Not Sure if the Feelings are Mutual

I bought this skirt with my good friend Mary last year. I wanted a casual skirt that was fun, there it was in Ann Taylor. Now as a rule I am a pencil skirt girl. When I put this one on I thought it was too short for me. I didn't want to wear it and couldn't wait to take it off. Mary coaxed me out of the dressing room and told me she liked it. She then proceeded to lecture me on following my own advice and getting out of my comfort zone. Damn teachers.

The thing with this skirt is I can't figure out what else to pair it with. It has an athletic waist band feature (like jogging pants with the pulls) and that is what has me stumped. I'm wearing my most confident smile because I fake it till I make it. The sweater is very nice and looks nice with the skirt but, I don't know... I want to do better than nice. Any suggestions?

Just so you see what the back looks like. I don't care that the grey's don't match.

Here is my rule of thumb if you are wondering if something is too short. Place your hand right down against your leg/thigh, if the skirt is below the tips of your finger it is probably too short. I'm fine, my fingertips are still touching fabric.

I also get asked about mixing metals - you can do it. Metals are all neutrals so have fun. I mixed silver, gold, rose gold and gunmetal in this one. I will not be going to fashion jail for this one.

I am sporting a Shellac manicure. I can't do all the nail art (I'm still having flashbacks from the 80s) that is so popular but having the ring finger a different colour is easy and fun.

Skirt - Ann Taylor (old)
Sweater - The Gap (here)
Tights - Wonder Bra
Booties - Coach (old)
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Stella and Dot (here and here), Ann Taylor, Joe Fresh, The Bay

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  1. The skirt is really nice , dear ! Have a lovely weekend !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: magic story in the park

  2. It is a really great skirt and as far as I can see, versatile. You could pair it with white blouses, worn loose and a vest, or a pink knit cable sweater, or a dark blue long sleeved top, it would be lovely to make it clash a little with something tough.


  3. I like the skirt... how about a White tee and jean jacket

    1. That is so funny because I just pinned the same look. I just need to buy a jean jacket...

  4. I think Rosie is on to something...

  5. The skirt is so pretty! I think it would look so good with a chunky cream sweater. A black sweater would look great too. Or a black tee with a leather jacket!! Either way, I def. think black tights are the way to go for under the skirt :)Can't wait to see the other outfits you put together with this skirt!

  6. I like it!!! I would try it with a denim shirt. I would also try a casual black blazer with the shirt and flats

  7. Not only do I LOVE the skirt - it's a PERFECT length and great color, but I ADORE your armswag!

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  8. Iva I love the sequin skirt:)! I think it would look great with a button up shirt and blazer:)!

  9. Hey! The skirt is too sparkly for my taste cause I'm a guy. But You look good in it. You're very pretty too.
    Eagan Fitness Center

  10. I love the skirt! I think it would also look great with a denim jacket!!

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